The farmers finally got round to harvesting their crops in the fields near here last week ..which was just as well given the deluge of rain in the days that followed.

i decided to go out and take some photos of their work, but it turns out that riding your bicycle (in a dress) along a road full of tractors and combine harvesters is not such a great idea after all. Who'd of thought it?!

Still, i managed to salvage a couple of (not very good) photos anyway..

Shadow the cat doing his part to aid in the process -- harvesting all the mice!

It's strange to think that we're half way through October already (especially since we still haven't seen much of summer) and that winter and snow are probably just around the corner, but i quite enjoy being able to track the seasons and their effects on the landscape from out here. :)


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  1. Lovely photographs. Made me want to paint some of them! We had all the cats including ours in the field, along with a couple of buzzards...