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Things i've been paying attention to this week:
  • The Perks of Being A Wallflower
    Not exactly on the internet, but i finally went to see the movie this week. i don't really fit into its target audience anymore, but Perks was one of my absolute favourite books as a teenager (along with other equally cheery novels like 'The Bell Jar' and 'The Virgin Suicides'), so i was really apprehensive to see how it turned out. i was worried for the first 10-15 minutes, but once the pace picked up i really enjoyed it. It's vaguely quirky and quite pretty, the soundtrack is brilliant, and i thought the subject matter at the end was handled well. Though it's a long time since i've read the book, i think they've done it justice. Phew!

    (i'm not sure why i'm surprised, given the screenplay was written and directed by Chbosky - the original author - but i was relieved.)

  • Resilience and Results
    A new resource from the Children & Young People's Mental Health Coalition (there's a mouthful if ever there was one), providing a guide for schools to help encourage emotional and mental resilience and well-being among their pupils. 

  • 'Rude, Impulsive & Sulky.. Still, Let Our 16 Year Olds Vote'
    An amusing comment piece on the Guardian website. Some of the comments below are less amusing, but bring up many points of interest in the debate.

  •  Oh Comely magazine
    i'm not much of a magazine reader, but i buy this one religiously. Issue 12 is out now!

But how about you? What have you been paying attention to this week?

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