World Mental Health Day

Today - October 10th - is World Mental Health Day: a day to "raise public awareness about mental health issues and to promote open discussion of mental disorders and investments in prevention, promotion and treatment service."

This year's theme is 'Depression: A Global Crisis' and the World Health Organisation have created this video about the "black dog" which is well worth a watch:

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  1. World Mental Health Day is a great time to raise awareness of these issues. So glad that so many bloggers are sharing about it. Great share of both the graphic and video here.

    I'm the author of a book called Crochet Saved My Life which talks about how crafting and creativity can help us through many different mental and physical health conditions. It includes my own story of crocheting as one part of a wellness plan to heal from depression. I really wanted to do my part from World Mental Health Day so the book is 30% off through this weekend.