Blogging Envy or Why I'm Not A Fashion Blogger

Do you ever get those pangs of envy and longing when you're trawling your way through all those blogs on your reader? Thoughts like, "Why does my blog not look as pretty as this?" or, "Why aren't my pictures of such good quality?" or quite simply, "Why aren't my posts ever that interesting?!"

i feel like this all the time. Mostly i manage to dismiss it because, well, it's not a competition. And i actually quite like my little blog in its own quiet way.

But there's one group of people i just can't stop envying: the fashion bloggers.

As if it wasn't enough that they seem to have an infinite supply of new and stylish outfits and never have an ugly day, they also have an endless number of networking options and people desperate to read their blogs!
You don't really get that when you blog about local scenery and general day-to-day life. Sometimes i wish i was a fashion blogger just so i had access to those networks - so i could just click on a twitter hashtag (#fbloggers) and be instantly connected to thousands of people with the same interests as me.

But then i have to remind myself that, even if i wanted to, i haven't a hope of ever being a fashion blogger.
Here's why:

Te Amo dress & belt // Black New Look cardigan // Primark tights // Topshop ankle boots.

Reason #1. i am not in the least bit stylish or fashion conscious.  And that seems pretty fundamental.
i don't know anything about fashion: the number of designers i can name could be counted on one hand; i have no interest in fashion week or advertising campaigns, unless the photography is particularly good; and i could not care less about handbags or shoes. There are no brand names or quirky online boutiques for me: my clothes are 95% high street, with the occasional secondhand buy thrown in, and bought according to two main criteria: they're comfortable and they're cheap. (Or, more recently, because they're smart enough to wear around schools without looking like a pupil or teacher.) That's about as far as my clothing consciousness will stretch.
Redherring dress // Purple New Look cardigan  // Black Primark tights.

Reason #2. (Like i needed another reason.) i am prone to wearing the same outfits again and again and again. When i find something i like, i'll wear it 'til it literally falls apart. Not only that, but i'll buy multiple versions of the same thing: last week, for example, i found a skater dress and cardigan i liked in New Look - i now own the dress in two colours and the cardigan in three. Nobody wants to be reading about the same clothes repeatedly.
Green New Look skater dress // Black New Look cardigan (as above) // Black Primark tights.

Reason #3. i'm no good at self-portrait photography. i like to be behind the camera, not in front of it, and it's pretty difficult to show off your clothes without your face getting in the way. And how do those girls manage to pose so naturally while pointing a remote at the camera or, worse still, doing the ten second timer run?! It's an art in itself and certainly not a gift i am possessed with. 

Reasons #4-2000463 include such issues as my limited choice of jewellery, my non-existant handbag collection, the fact i don't really wear make-up, my recurring hatred towards shoes and my general laziness about looking presentable unless absolutely necessary! 

i am in awe of anyone who can look so good on such a regular basis and actually find something worth saying about their clothing. You have my utmost respect. And i will continue to watch from a respectful distance and remind myself that i'll never be one of your well-dressed elite!

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  1. Ah, no way - I JUST finished drafting almost exactly this post for next week! I'd add: it's really hard to take decent outdoor clothing shots in the cold, wet, windy north of Scotland! But I would love all those free clothes the fashion bloggers get...

    Maybe we should start some sort of "What I Really Wore" blogging trend.

  2. I've tried to do the 10 second timer run, and it's so awkward and hilarious. I think about that sometimes, it's hard to embrace your own when it seems like everyone else's is so much prettier. I have to keep reminding myself that I have to stay true to myself and just be me. Just pretty much like in life, no? Keep going!

  3. Well I think your blog is about far more interesting things than clothes - although I am always interested in seeing what other people are wearing and why. I like reading about your various activities, church things, your community, the landscape of the NE. Don't under-rate yourself!