Christmas 2012

So Christmas has been, gone and disappeared for another year already. All that build up and it's over before we know it.. but it was lovely while it lasted!

i spent Christmas Eve at church with my parents, listening to the most beautiful singing and playing by an orchestra of young people which miraculously materialised for the occasion (the perks of having a music teacher in the congregation), and i so appreciated the chance to pause and focus before the celebrations really began.

On Christmas morning i was awakened by my mother exclaiming that there were deer just outside our back garden and it set the scene perfectly for what was to be a quiet but enjoyable day spent unwrapping presents, going out for dinner, watching T.V. and comedy DVDs, playing board games, consuming endless food and drink, and generally relaxing and enjoying time with the family. Ideal!

Santa left one behind..

Family at the Tufted Duck after dinner.

Sunset in St Combs.

Compulsory Christmas drinks.

The parental unit.

With my lovely mum & sister.

My stunning sister & her boyfriend.

Dad and his girlies.

The festivities continued with a particularly lazy Boxing Day, with visits from extended family and a huge home-cooked meal courtesy of dad, and then extended into Thursday too when my school friends all managed to be in the same place at once for the first time in over three years! There's a Christmas miracle if ever there was one.

Even the cat joined in the festivities.

All of the gang!

And then, just like that, it's over.

i'm never entirely sure what we're supposed to do with these handful of days between Christmas and New Year, but i'm spending mine doing super-exciting things like planning ahead for school assemblies and catching up with my studies, while looking forward to welcoming in 2013 with yet more eating and drinking - because more food is just what my waistline needs!

How did you spend your Christmas? Whatever you got up to, i hope your day was beautiful and surrounded in love!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Christmas! Like you I am unsure what to do between then and the New Year celebrations. Probably shift a few cobwebs. Physically and mentally.x

  2. What an incredibly stylish family you have! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - so kind of you. Today's big news is that a neighbour came to be with our daughter for the afternoon and my husband and I got to go to the cinema! Very exciting for us. A good time was had by all.

    Very many good wishes for 2013 to you, Laura!