Ten Things Which Make Me Happy

Sarah, over on Sarah Rooftops, posted a list of ten things which make her happy right now and asked her readers what would make their list.
It's always good to pause and count your blessings, so here are ten of mine:

  1. Dinner dates and catch-ups with the girls. 
  2. Getting absorbed in a really good book. 
  3. The shared experience of being at a gig with thousands of other people enjoying the same thing. 
  4. Completing a mile swim.
  5. When the cats are especially warm and snuggley and climb all over my knees.
  6. Days spent exploring somewhere new with my camera in hand. 
  7. Eating something that completely exceeds my expectations ...especially if I've cooked it myself.
  8. When my attention is fully caught by a new song or band/artist. 
  9. A good cup of tea at the end of a long day.
  10. Those moments when I find myself sitting in a classroom full of children just telling them stories, or standing in a room full of toddlers having a party, and it suddenly hits me: "Someone is actually paying me to do this!"

Those are ten of my current happy-making things. What are yours?

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  1. Lovely list, Laura! I will have to give a bit of thought to mine, but certainly at the top are my daughter and husband - and of course also the cat. I also love the Christmas season.