Gig Review: Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit, with support from Three Blind Wolves and Wintersleep.
The Music Hall, Aberdeen. Wednesday 27th February.

Crumby photo of Frightened Rabbit, take 1.

It was back to the Music Hall again on Wednesday for gig number two of the year, this time with Three Blind Wolves, Wintersleep and, most importantly, Frightened Rabbit.

I wasn't aware that Three Blind Wolves were even playing ('cause my research is that good) and have only ever listened to one or two of Wintersleep's tracks, so I arrived with no real preconceptions about either band.

When Glasgow-based Three Blind Wolves walked out on stage, I did not expect that voice to come from that lead singer. Their sound was not what I expected (and I'm still puzzled as to where the distinctly Scottish speaking accent vanished to when singing), but it works and their charismatic performance certainly helps it on its way. I really enjoyed their set and will go out of my way to listen to them again. And I may be a teeny bit in love with their guitarist/mandolin player and his fancy footwork.

As for Canadian band Wintersleep.. Well. Everyone has that one tall, gangly friend whose awkwardness is endearing, but who should never ever try to dance, right? Imagine that friend trying to front an indie rock band with only a tambourine in hand and you've basically pictured Wintersleep on stage. Don't get me wrong, I found their music enjoyable enough (I'm listening to them as I type this, in fact), but I would definitely prefer to listen than watch from now on!

Interestingly, the friend I was with held the opposite opinion, preferring Wintersleep where I favoured Three Blind Wolves.

Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit singing 'Poke' on his lonesome-ownsome.
2013 has already proven to be quite the year for headliners Frightened Rabbit. With their new album 'Pedestrain Verse' making a sudden appearance in the UK top 10, after three other brilliant records (if you don't own 'The Midnight Organ Fight' your life is probably not complete) and seven long years of hard work, they'd have been forgiven for having developed rather large heads.

Instead, lead singer Scott Hutchison just looked absolutely delighted - and at times a little overwhelmed - throughout the entire set. And how could he not? After years of playing little slots down the road in Snafu, they've suddenly graduated and found themselves in a packed room at the Music Hall with a crowd singing every line of their songs.

Their set lasted a solid 90 minutes and was made up not only of new Pedestrian Verse tracks, but with three albums worth of songs, all of which sound just as good live as you'd hope. Much to my delight, they included some of my absolute favourites - 'Old Old Fashioned' and 'My Backwards Walk' - as well as a particularly lovely solo acoustic slot from Scott, after which the crowd applauded so loudly and for so long that he almost looked ready for the ground to swallow him up.

They really put on quite the show. No balloon launching gimmicks here, just the kind of authentic, well-written music that makes you more than a wee bit proud to call yourself a fellow Scot.

Frightened Rabbit and the most uncomfortable looking security boy ever.

Best gig I've been to in a long time.

They're on tour in the States and Australia over the next few months, then back over here in July for T in the Park. If you get the chance to see them live, you must.

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  1. I should really give FR a listen, my sister has been telling me for ages how much I would love them so seeing as I've just missed them in Aberdeen I reckon now would be the perfect time...doh! I need to start going to gigs more in general but my oh my why must they be so expensive?! Sounds like you had a fab time, consider me jealous :) x

    1. Ohh, definitely give them a listen!
      I think expense-wise it depends who you're seeing and where. Someone like Florence + the Machine at the AECC'll set you back over £30, but the likes of Kate Nash is playing the Lemon Tree soon for about £12, which isn't that much more than the price of a cinema ticket really. I know which I prefer ;)