The Last Ten

Isn’t Pinterest brilliant? Where else do you find a vegetarian recipe, fashion advice, gardening tips, holiday destinations and a statement on sexism on the first row of any website? It’s become my go-to place for creative inspiration or advice on almost any subject and I must confess to being more than a little bit hooked.

Just as an illustration of the glorious variety amongst all that Pinterest holds, here are ten of my latest pins:

(Click to view large.)

  1. 10 Luxury Hostels in Europe .. because budget doesn't have to be boring.
  2. ‘Museum Lates’ in Edinburgh - what a genius idea! 
  3. A recipe for apple and celery soup ..yum!
  4. A pretty dress from
  5. The Lazy Crofter Bunkhouse in Durness (North Scotland), which looks so picturesque I might have to visit.
  6. Luna satchel by Beara Beara - so cute, but so out of my price range I'll just have to drool.
  7. Dip-dye sequin vest.
  8. Vegan chocolate chai cupcake recipe ..more yum!
  9. What does the length of your skirt say about you? 
  10. And finally, how to build raised garden beds – because I really want to grow my own veg. 

Are you on Pinterest? You can find me here ..and be sure to leave me a link to follow you too!

(Because another distraction is exactly what I need in my life...)

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  1. "Pinterest is brilliant" -- I couldn't agree more! I am so dependent on pinterest for creative inspiration. I also love to pin lots of food hehe and sometimes clothes, too! It lets us dream away, doesn't it? ;-)

    You've got some pretty interesting pins over here! I fancy #1, it looks so cozy and I would really love to visit Europe someday!

    Went over to your pinterest profile and followed you! If you're interested, here's my account:

    Take care and God bless! <3 :-)

    1. Followed you back - your board is like a universe of pretty things!

      Thanks for stopping by =] Bless you xo