March, March, March. I am so glad to see you march on out of here. Please pack up all your grey skies, cold days and halfhearted snowfalls and take them away with you.

The start of this month seemed so promising with its glimmers of blue sky and sunshine, but we seem to have had this constant cold, grey snowfall for the last 20 days (and not even the good kind of snow that you can enjoy) and I'm finishing the month feeling pretty worn down by it all. I'm glad the clocks changed this morning and hope that this means more Vitamin D in my life!

The latter half of the month has been really busy at work too, what with it being Easter and all, and I'm ending the month feeling pretty tired and vulnerable, yet somehow full of hope. (Nothing quite like a resurrection to do that for you..)

Anyway, this month I:
- Booked a trip to Iceland.. alone.
- Got tickets for the Lion King in Edinburgh. (In December. Shut up, I'm excited!)
- Marked World Book Day & International Women's Day with some thoughts on Sylvia Plath.
- Fought (and mostly, but not always, won) some of my hardest battles with anxiety for a long long time.
- Spoke to something like 1100 children/teenagers in the space of two days. (As you do.)
- Enjoyed an open mic night at the local coffee shop & a classical concert at the church.
- And gave this blog a complete overhaul. (What d'you think?!)

I read:
It feels like all I read this month were endless child-friendly versions of the Easter story.

But I did also manage these..

'The Silver Linings Playbook' by Matthew Quick
I saw this movie long before I read the book and, in all honesty, probably wouldn't have bothered reading it if it wasn't for the fact I picked it up secondhand for 50p. Turns out it was a good thing to stumble upon. It's an easy and humorous read, giving a different spin on the issue of mental illness, and I really enjoyed it and didn't feel like seeing the movie first spoiled it for me at all.

'Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir' by Jenny Lawson
I completely fell in love with Jenny Lawson's blog this month so when I saw this book on Kindle for about £2, I couldn't resist. It's absolutely hilarious: if you enjoy her blog, you'll love this. I didn't so much read it as devour it.

And I watched:
'The Impossible' in our local make-shift cinema; 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' and 'The Passion of the Christ' on DVD; and on TV I enjoyed 'Mayday', the relaunch of 'New Girl' on E4 and lots of Comic Relief-related shows like 'Mary and Martha', 'Africa United' and 'Through Hell and High Water'.

So there we go. "Roll on April," is all I can really say..
I hope March has been better for you and that your Easter has been particularly happy!

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