This Week on Planet Internet

Just some things I've been enjoying and admiring online this week:

  • Sarah Von Bargen shares some good, practical advice on how to increase your attention span (or at least stop refreshing Facebook every 5 minutes), over on Hello Giggles. I will definitely be making use of LeechBlock before my next essay deadline!

  • Adventurous Kate tells us why it's okay to be a cheesy tourist.

  • Emily Cohn and Emma Orlow are telling the stories of teens around the world through the private havens that are their bedrooms, over at The Do Not Enter Diaries.

  • AlunaGeorge cover 'I Wanna Be Like You' from The Jungle Book, live on Radio 1.

  • The Amazings, based in London, are seeking to reunite generations and bring learning-from-our-elders back to the community, by giving over 50s the chance to teach a class on a topic/skill of their choice. This is such a genius idea.

  • Gabriele Galimberti's 'Toy Stories' shows the diversity of childhood across the globe by photographing children with their toys.

  • And The Blogess - who I can't believe I haven't found before now - consumes many an hour of my life with her back-catalog, stops me in my tracks with her honesty and makes me weep with laughter (exhibit A and B).

What's made me you laugh, cry or feel generally inspired on Planet Internet this week?

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  1. Hi Laura - I haven't had nearly enough time to spend on the internet lately! Your links look so interesting, thanks for them and I hope to have a chance to follow them up in the not-too-distant future.

    Thanks also for your very kind thoughts and wishes about our move and house-sale, etc.