10 Songs, vol. 11

I normally write this post on the second last day of the month, but as I'm in Tunisia right now and know that I'll care more about editing holiday photos than writing about music when I get back, I thought I'd get this in early..

10 songs I've been enjoying in May:

I reckon the majority of these tracks were released earlier than May, but only came to my attention this month. Either way, I've been enjoying them all recently.

What definitely was released this month, however, is a plethora of brilliant albums which have been battling with each other to be played in my home and car.

My all-time favourite band - Noah and the Whale - released their fourth album, 'Heart of Nowhere', this month. Unlike their previous releases, which have each taken a completely new direction, this one actually sounds like a continuation of album number three and I really like it. I'm hoping they tour it around the country so that I can see them live for a fourth time.  

Other new releases this month included She & Him's 'Volume 3', which I confess I haven't gotten round to listening to much at all; Gabrielle Aplin's debut 'English Rain', which is as charming and pretty as you'd expect; Vampire Weekend's 'Modern Vampires of the City', which is absolutely, foot-stompingly brilliant; and Laura Marling's beautiful 'Once I Was An Eagle', which isn't actually released until Monday, but is available to stream on the Guardian website right now. Go and listen to them all. Immediately.

So much musical goodness! What have you been listening to this month?

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