Swimsuit Schwimsuit

How it's come around so quickly I'll never know, but this time next week I'll be back on the continent of Africa, sunning myself in Tunisia with three of my best friends and enjoying temperatures up to 28°C. 

It'll be my first ever trip abroad where the accommodation hasn't looked like this:

Mgulani Salvation Army Hostel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
..and I am super excited to dip my toes in the Mediterranean Sea and lounge around at the side of the hotel pool.  

Unfortunately, this means the inevitable task of shopping for swimwear before we ever get there - an experience which I am not relishing quite so much. Having never had much call for a holiday swimsuit (save a camping trip at Sunrise Beach Resort on the Indian Ocean, so brief that I made do with my normal swimming-for-exercise costume), I hadn't prepared myself for what a daunting and frustrating experience this could be!

Admittedly, the problem is largely down to me, but it's disappointing that, for those of us not confident enough to wear a bikini, the choice of one-piece swimsuits at affordable prices are few and far between. Add to that the fact that I want something modest enough that I don't have to worry about tugging at straps continually; pretty enough for sitting at the poolside in; but practical enough to actually get in the pool and swim lengths in, and I've pretty much made it mission impossible.

That said, my endless trawling across the internet has turned up the odd little beauty and I thought I'd share some of my favourites for anyone else who might be struggling with Mission One-piece!

1. Spotty Swimsuit by George at Asda, £12. || 2. Little Rose Swimsuit by Cath Kidston, £38 || 3. Photo Print Swimsuit by George at Asda, £12 || 4. Nina Swimsuit by Billabong (via Amazon), £49.99 || 5. Blue Map Print Swimsuit by Topshop, £34 || 6. Navy Floral Print Swimsuit by Kelly Brook for New Look, £24.99

Aren't they pretty?! 

Unfortunately, as much as I adore each one of these, they've either been bought by someone else I'm holidaying with, have sold out in my size, are just out of reach of my price range, or are disqualified because I'm trying to be a little more 'ethical' with my shopping choices. And so the quest continues ..while time marches rapidly on!

Help me out. What affordable swimsuits are catching your eye this holiday season?

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  1. Laura I'm reading this belatedly, so you must already be away. I hope you're having a grand time, and as for swimsuits, I have absolutely no advice. Nightmare! (Though I used to have a fab retro 1940s one that I loved. The only problem with it was that when you got out of the water the bottom literally sagged off you, with the weight of the water. It was a kind of knitted garment, I think!)