Ah, July, what a lovely month you've been! Busy in an enjoyable way, and with sunshine aplenty, I'm quite sad to see this month end!

This month I:
- Became an auntie for the first time to beautiful little Lucas!
- Took great delight in attending BBQs in the sun and calling it work. 
- Led a hectic week's holiday club and loved every bit.
- Celebrated my sister's 23rd birthday. 
- Spoke appallingly at a Scottish Week event, but lived to tell the tale.
- Found out that I got a surprisingly good mark in my exam and thus passed my first Open University module. Phew!!
- Spent a day in Prestwick catching up with old friends..
- And left for Iceland, where I am as this posts!

I read:
Written with the same quirks and tones as her TV series, the flow of this book took a few pages for me to settle into, but once I did it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. No great literary work, but hilarious throughout.

Mark Watson is best known as a stand-up comedian and it was only recently that I discovered he wrote books as well. Out of curiosity I picked this one up and was surprisingly impressed. The story of a wedding photographer whose life is haunted by a secret in his past, I could not put this book down.

Everything I've read by John Green has been a quick-moving package of angst-ridden beauty. This was no different. Well written young adult fiction, it's the kind of book you whizz through in hours and can't help but love, though it's probably not my favourite of his works.

I watched:
Wimbledon, along with the whole entire country it would seem. It stressed out my life for its duration, but my word it was worth it - well done, Andy!

On TV I watched the rest of 'Don't Call Me Crazy' which I thought was well made, though I do still wonder how those young people are going to feel about the process in a few years time; the final series of 'Skins', which I kind of feel like they should have left alone; and 'Luther' which has quite literally given me nightmares for weeks!

And movie-wise I watched and enjoyed one solitary film:  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

All in all, July was a pretty wonderful month. I hope it looked as good from where you sat!

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  1. what a cute little blog you have here! congrats on being an aunty ;)

  2. Dear Laura, I really enjoy your Iceland pics on instagram! I did live in Reykjavik some time ago, and it's nice to see everything again ;) Also I'm moving to Glasgow in September, so if you want to meet up, I'd be glad :)

    1. Thank you -- I'll hopefully share some more on here soon.

      What brings you to Glasgow? It's actually a good 4 hours away from me, but it's one of my favourite places - I hope you love it as much as I do!