2014: A To-Do List

It's a funny old time, the beginning of a new year - all that looking backwards and forwards and tying ourselves in knots. It makes my head spin. We feel like we're supposed to reflect and dream and set ourselves goals for the year ahead; like we somehow have to make resolutions or else we're doing it all wrong.

Experience has taught me, though, that making resolutions just leads to disappointment. Mine have always been so airy-fairy and non-specific, or so far-fetched and unrealistic, that I've set myself up for failure before I've even gotten off the blocks.

For the last few years I've counteracted that by just not bothering. This year I've decided to set myself a real, tangible to-do list instead - some solid actions I can complete and tick off instead of silly pie-in-the-sky ideals - and I hope to report back on my progress as the year goes on!

Without further ado, here's what I hope to do in 2014:
  • Start my first ever full-time job.
  • Get that Certificate in Mental Health Studies at last.
  • Visit two countries I've never been to before.
  • Get another tattoo. 
  • Spend a weekend away with my sister.
  • Read 42 books..
  • ..including the Bible.
  • Write more. (Keep a regular journal again.)
  • Walk up Bennachie.
  • Accumulate 15 miles in the swimming pool. 
  • Find 10 Geocaches (which may seem fairly unambitious, but given my track record..).
  • Make time every month to get out and use a 'real' camera.
  • Practice presence more. 

(The last, I realise, sounds decidedly airy-fairy, but what it really boils down to is this: making a conscious effort to give people my full attention - to put away my mobile phone, to turn off Facebook and Twitter and to actually be with people in more than just physicality - and to focus on experiencing the moment instead of always documenting it.)

And that's sort of it, really. I have other, more private hopes and dreams, but those are the things that I really aim to do in 2014. We can't know how the year will unfold, of course, so whether I achieve a single one remains to be seen.. Watch this space!


But what about you - have you written any resolutions or to-do lists for the year?
(Drop me a link below if you've shared them on your own blog.)

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  1. That is a great list, and the last one on it is an excellent thing to practise doing. I wish you all the best in accomplishing those things. My only New Year's Resolution is the same as last year's - which I did keep until we moved house: to do my back exercises every day. So far so good for this year! ;-) I also am determined to stay positive and faithful every day.

    1. Thanks, Christine. I'm sure the last is the most 'ambitious' of them all because my phone is such a safety net for me, but even the little efforts I've made so far have made a real difference.

      Yours sound like very good resolutions to me - all the best in continuing them!x