August: The Summary

It seems a bit strange to be writing an update about August when we're already more than a week into September, but here we are. Time seems to fly by increasingly quickly every month and i did so little in August that it doesn't really seem worth documenting. It was a bit of a miserable month and my brain is so useless that stringing these sentences together is a bit of a chore right now. But i've kept a record of every other month thus far and so i guess i'll write about this one too - empty as it was - if only for the hope that maybe one day i'll be able to look back upon this valley and see how high a peak i've traversed. 

Anyway, August? An inordinate amount of August seems to have been spent in my bed, sleeping away the days like some sort of bear in hibernation. Beyond that, August started off with a packed church and a night of praise and celebration, followed by an emotional service of farewell as my friend Abi, our minister of 3 & a half years - and my colleague for the past 2 - packed up and headed off to a new charge in Ayr, leaving behind a great deal of uncertainty, but plenty of fond memories, much inspiration and many a thankful heart.  August then frequently featured the joy and relief of having found a new church of my own - a place where i feel like i'm free to just be - coupled with the guilt and sadness and wrestling over leaving the old one behind.  I kept up my weekly meditation class, enjoyed the sunnier episodes of walking the dog, and drank rather a lot of coffee in the park. We celebrated my mum's birthday with a girly night in - Christy and i cooking her curry and munching peach & raspberry crumble in front of a DVD. My friends and i took a wee road-trip to St Andrews for the day, wandering around the beach and the university, driving down to Anstruther and letting me enjoy the nostalgic taste of Luvian's irn bru sorbet. And then mum, Christy and i managed to squeeze a sneaky theatre trip in at the end of the month, watching Matthew Bourne's brilliant, beautiful, intense dance adaptation of William Golding's 'Lord of the Flies' at His Majesty's. So good!

August was a pretty quiet month: not all bad, but one i'm pretty glad to see gone. September hasn't started off much better, to be honest, and this first week has been about as naff as they come. But it's entirely my own doing, so i'm trying my hardest not to complain or feel sorry for myself and to believe instead that the only way is up! Here's hoping that the rest of September is a better month!

Colossians 1:5

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  1. So good to hear from you, Laura. You are often in my thoughts. God is at work in your life! Be kind to yourself. And I hope September picks up. Much love coming your way. Xox