September-October: The Summary

i can't quite believe that two whole months have passed since i last wrote a blog post. September was a bit of a blur and i couldn't have written a summary at the end even if i'd wanted to. Coupled with October, it's safe to say it's been a tough couple of months. i usually tiptoe around these things, but i'm not sure i have the brain capacity for that at the moment, so here goes a rather straightforward review of the past few months. 

September got off to a bit of a bleak start with a short but rather unpleasant hospital stay, wired up to bag after bag of fluids which stubbornly refused to do their job. They cooperated eventually and i got to go home to deliveries of teddy bears and flowers and more kindness than i actually deserved. The next few weeks were occupied by gentle Geocaching trips and wanders around Aden Park and Haddo House; by girly dates with my sister; by time with my puppy dog; and by many a day where i struggled just to get out of bed. (It's true what they say: the best friends are the ones who come to your house and take a nap!)

Things were a bit bleak and distressing and by the end of September i had landed myself back in hospital again - a different, drip-free one this time - for a two week stay which saw me well into the month of October. It was a difficult admission, complicated by a changeover from a consultant i'd gotten to know this year - who always made me feel validated and understood - to a new consultant who knew little of my pre-hospital context and with whom i really struggled to feel heard. It sort of sucked. But there were light moments - visits from my toddling, toothy nephew; mountains of hot chocolate with my family and a friend; chats with some cheery chaplains; and vast quantities of kindness and compassion from other patients on the ward. Besides that, i gained very little from the admission and came home feeling like nothing much had changed upon discharge.

Onwards and upwards though, right?

The rest of October has been both up and down. i've had some pretty rubbish days and a lot of time in bed (not helped by a cold and a missing voice!), but i've had some positive days too: afternoons wandering through fields with the dog; coffees and lunches and cakes with friends; discovering a lovely new cafe in Aberdeen; and spoiling myself with a haircut and new clothes (because none of my old ones fit!).

Towards the end of October something really exciting (to me, anyway) happened. i'm going to save it for next month's post, but it's safe to say there are changes afoot and for perhaps the first time this year i am actually looking forward to the coming month.

It's proving to be a weird old year. i hope September and October have been kind to everyone else. 
Here's to a better November.. for all of us!

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  1. It was lovely to see your blog pop in my bloglovin feed. I'm sorry to hear that September & October have been a rough couple of months for you. I had major surgery at the beginning of October and I have yet to fully heal or grasp the situation. Hang in there and I hope the changes that are coming your way are positive and bright ! *Sarah Grace

    1. Yikes - I can't imagine the impact that must have had and hope you're well on your way to recovery now. Blessings xo

  2. Lovely blog i saw you thrue other blogger...nice posts to read...blessings ❤

  3. So good to have your news, although I'm sorry it's been such a rough time. Glad to read that there's been something exciting - and I see you have been knitting! (Is that the exciting thing?) Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I often think of you and send good wishes.

    1. I WISH that was my knitting! It's actually my friend's crochet. I keep meaning to have them teach me, but never quite get round to it. It looks so therapeutic!

  4. Hello again, Laura. Thank you again for your loving comments and thoughts. Just wanted to say that I'm doing a little giveaway on my blog - do come by and leave a comment!