A New Dawn

At the end of my September/October summary, I mentioned that something exciting was about to happen on Planet Laura. I'm continuing the train of thought much later than intended, but can now reveal the 'Exciting Thing' in its entirety: I have officially relocated from the 'Shire into Aberdeen; from small town/country life into the city; and from my parents' home into a flat with two of my oldest friends. 

After a bit of a rubbish year, it's proving to be just the fresh start that I need.

Moving here was a bit of a risk. Having not been "well enough" to work since January and with no regular income since June, it's safe to say my finances have taken a bit of a hit. But I was so stuck in a rut that when the opportunity arose to go flat-hunting with my friends I decided that, even if I had to sacrifice my entire savings and live on the strictest of budgets, it was worth making a clean break and giving something new a go.

As it is, the risk seems to be paying off: we moved in on the 4th of November and by the 7th I'd secured myself a job!

It's only 20 hours a week in a wee supermarket cafe, but it's a step in the right direction and it's helping to give me a bit of a routine. Between that, the independence of living in the city, and the connections I'm starting to make at my new church, I feel like I actually have some semblance of a life for perhaps the first time this year. And that feels so good.

Oh.. and I really love our little flat! Technically a 'maisonette', we have three bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs, with an open plan kitchen/dining/living space in the upper room.  It's small and simple, but it ticks all our boxes, it's cute and it meets all our needs.

My bedroom.
The upper room.
Facing the opposite direction in the upper room.

I really feel like we scored in finding this flat and am thankful that it became available when it did.

More than that, I feel like I've "scored" in turning over the page into a new chapter at long last. I'm not naive enough to think that everything has been magically fixed by a change of location or a new job, but it's certainly a start. I feel like the sun has set on the year so far. I have no idea what it might reveal as it rises on a new day; but it feels like a new dawn is beginning to break and, for now, that's enough.

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  1. Laura, I read this not long after you posted it, and have several times thought of you with such happiness, but haven't til now managed to leave a comment actually telling you so! Wishing you many, many blessings with your new start. In my daughter's case a fresh beginning in a new place has been hugely healing. I hope it's so for you as well. Thank you so much for your loving comments on my blog.