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AKA - What's been intriguing or amusing me online recently..
Spaghetti Toes illustrates phrases said to or by a 2 year old and they're both hilarious and adorable.

* I'm on a bit of a personal quest to cut the amount of sugar in my diet. This article - 'Sweet Poison: Why Sugar is Ruining Our Health' - calls added sugar "the greatest threat to human health, bar none." Yikes!

* I stumbled upon Goop whilst on the hunt for sugar-free recipes.

* The BBC's 'You vs. Ronaldo' calculator allows you to compare your salary to that of a top footballer and it's both fascinating and a little bit soul-destroying all at once!

* A Priory hospital expert makes the challenging claim that "selfies" are fuelling eating disorders. It's an overly simplistic view, but it did make me question myself & my Instagram-crazed culture.

* This article tells of one man's battle with depression, his realisation that no one stigmatises mental illness more than the people who suffer from it, and the importance of people who reach out in the midst of that.

* On a similar note, Mollie Goodfellow shares her thoughts on what you should and shouldn't say to someone with depression. Because, I mean, why don't you just cheer up?

* Y'know what cheers me up? Cats. But have you ever wondered why cats are so fond of chilling out in boxes? Well, wonder no more!

* This infographic compares the cost of living "everywhere in the world". Granted, it doesn't seem to reflect wages or living conditions, but it's interesting nonetheless. 

* I read an article on 'Social Anxiety: Why the mundane can be terrifying' and thought, "YES! Someone else gets my fear about body language and the phone!"

* Did you see Stephen Fry sharing his thoughts on God recently? Pete Greig of the 24-7 Prayer movement gives it an unexpected 'Amen!' in this gentle response.

* A photographer in Singapore got people to swap outfits with their parents or grandparents and I'm a little bit in love with the results.

* And lastly, these young women have some powerful words to share:

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  1. So interesting! I myself have a terrible fear of the telephone. Half the time my voice is so high when I answer that people say, "Is your mother home?" I think this is the result of having so many phone calls that were Bad News during my son's growing-up years... I loved the project with the clothes swap between generations! Sending you good wishes, Laura. Thanks so much for yours. X