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AKA - What's been eating my time online..

When I decided I was going to schedule these posts for every second Thursday, I kind of anticipated having actually posted something else in between them.. Oops. 

Because everything is better with blankets. (Paul Draws)

* This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Anna Maxted's piece in the Telegraph is worth a read, while Beat is good for information and resources.

* I've been reading up on The Spoon Theory recently and though I don't really think of myself as being sick or disabled, I think the model is brilliant! I might make use of it next time I have to try and explain why I'm embarrassingly strict about my bedtime, or why I can't go to work and go out and socialise in the same day.. It's because I don't have enough spoons, obviously!

 * This photographic series depicting school lunches gave an interesting snapshot of cultures around the world.

The Political Compass tried to point me towards my closest match in party policies. 

* I spent more time than I should probably admit to "colouring-in" on Hippo Paint.

* Facebook got a bit morbid when they created a new feature that will allow our profiles to become a memorial after death.
* Russell Brand got a bit ranty in this video responding to media reports that he was being criticised by the Church. (It's not what you might expect and it's definitely worth watching.) 

* There's a vegan festival happening in Edinburgh this summer and I want to go and eat ALL the food. 

* Likewise, I'd gladly sit down to many of these '21 Things to Eat in Glasgow' - a good proportion of which are pleasingly vegetarian!

* And on a completely unrelated note, Sergei Polunin's dance to 'Take Me To Church' is a little bit beautiful..

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