Triple Challenge: A Progress Report ... Of Sorts

Back at the beginning of June, I took part in Aberdeen's Colour Me Rad and completed the first of my three fundraising challenges for the Scottish Association for Mental Health. It was such a relief to finish it and relax in the knowledge that - at that point - I had ages before the next challenge came around.

Challenge number two, however, has crept up on me very quickly - as only these things can -  and the Great Scottish Swim is now just a week away. Less than seven days separate me from a mile-long dip in the currents and the cold of Loch Lomond!

Am I ready? I honestly don't know. I haven't made it to the pool as often as I'd have liked these last few weeks (because, anxiety); I haven't actually practiced in open water just yet; and a cold has recently wiped me out and robbed me of my voice and the ability to breathe. But my event pack arrived earlier this week; I have my (super sexy) wetsuit at the ready; and I know that I can usually swim a mile quite comfortably in the pool. I have a lot of last-minute training still to do and I'm scared... But I'm willing, too.

The Great Scottish Swim is an event I've wanted to take part in for a long time, so I'm determined to give it my best shot. And thanks to some very generous sponsors, I've already surpassed my goal of raising £500. Knowing that that money will be invested in improving Scotland's mental health is the very best thing I could have spurring me on! 

Watch this space ..and keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Eeek!
There are a group of us raising money for SAMH this year. My friend Gemma is participating in the Great Scottish Swim too, though she's a braver woman than me and is tackling not just one mile but two! You can see our team page and sponsor us on Justgiving here.


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