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Pygmy Goats - Gorgie City Farm

When I headed south to do my abseil the other week, my friend Gemma very kindly put me up in her flat for a couple of nights, making time for a good old catch-up and some wee adventures in her home city, Edinburgh.  

Gemma lives over in the west of the city and when I realised she wasn't a million miles from Gorgie City Farm, I knew I had to go!

I had my first urban farm experience in London back in June when Eve took me for a visit to Stepney. It was there that I really learned about these community-owned initiatives bringing a little bit of country life to the city and was greatly impressed by their aims to educate and promote social inclusion.

Gorgie City Farm is no different in that respect, with an Education Department offering learning opportunities in line with the Curriculum for Excellence; a youth project for socially marginalised young people; a community gardening project; holiday clubs for 8-12 year olds; volunteering opportunities for people of all ages and abilities; and free public access to the farm, 7 days a week.

In addition to this, they run a pet boarding facility and a community cafe that offers up free wifi and well priced snacks, coffees and meals - both of which contribute to the funding of the farm.

Latte - Gorgie City Farm cafe Edinburgh

Most importantly, there are lots of lovely animals to meet up close! Ducks, chickens, a cow, pygmy goats, pigs, sheep.. There was even a teeny tiny lamb that can't have been more than a few weeks old. So cute!

As a vegetarian, it pains me to think that this is a real working farm and the animals here are specifically bred for food. That said, being vegetarian only makes me believe more firmly in the importance of understanding the source and production method of our food.  It can only be a good thing, as far as I'm concerned, that people have the opportunity to learn this experientially, making a real connection between the animals they're handling (as well as the plants they see growing) and the meals on their plate, so that they can make their own informed choices about their food.

We seemed to be the only people without a toddler or two in tow on the morning of our visit, but that didn't stop me from compulsively patting every animal I could get close to, nor taking selfies with an overly-enthusiastic cow!

Gorgie City Farm Edinburgh
Cow's eye - Aberdeen Angus Hereford cross
Pig eating - Gorgie City Farm
Pet Boarding - Gorgie City Farm
Confused cow with sheep sign
Pygmy Goat - Gorgie City Farm
Pile of hay - Gorgie City Farm
Pig's udders or teats
Young lamb - Gorgie City Farm
Gorgie City Farm garden
Pumkin pumpkin sign - Gorgie City Farm
Poll Dorset Lamb
Pygmy goat kids - Gorgie City Farm
Cow selfie - Gorgie City Farm
Gorgie City Farm cafe Edinburgh
Piglets bottoms
Poll Dorset sheep - Gorgie City Farm
Wash your hands - Gorgie City Farm
Stroking the sheep - Gorgie City Farm

I was in my element, as you can probably tell!

I loved my wee trip to the farm and had a very tasty breakfast in the cafe too. I can't recommend a visit highly enough. Just a 15 minute bus ride from Princes Street, it could be ideal for frequent visitors to Edinburgh who've conquered the tourist checklist and are looking for something different (and cheap!) to do.

If you're lucky enough to have a similar project near you, I'm a little bit jealous and would really encourage you to get involved in what seems to me to be an exciting idea bringing multifaceted benefits to the local community. Seriously.. go!

You can find Gorgie City Farm at:
51 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2LA

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  1. Fantastic! I never knew this place existed, though I have been up and down the Gorgie Road many a time. You're right about educating children as to how meat arrives on their table. I became vegetarian when my daughter realised that ham "came from pigs" in quite a different way than eggs come from chickens. She and I have been vegetarian for about 10 years now, I think. It might have happened sooner if I'd taken her to Gorgie City Farm I suppose!