OCTOBER // A Month In Rearview

It's funny - October feels like it's been an especially busy month, but as I look back through my photos and my diary, I realise I haven't really done that much. 

It perhaps comes, instead, from having felt permanently worn out and fragile (both physically and mentally), coupled with the fact that work had gotten rather hectic and chaotic. I was struggling through but not coping very well and after a month of doctor's visits, I finally agreed to be signed off at the end of the month. 

Some good things happened in the midst of that, though, as good things tend to do. 

  • I attended another "Abzmeet" brunch with some fellow blogging girls and enjoyed meeting new faces and hearing stories of how and why they started their blogs and the journeys they've been taken on. (I never got round to writing about it, despite the best of intentions, but Sarah did a good job.
  • I don't know if I ever mentioned passing that exam I sat back in June, but I did - surprisingly - and my certificate arrived in the post this month meaning that I finally have a Certificate in Mental Health Studies from the Open University. It took me a year longer than it should have, but I got there eventually!
  • Then there was the small matter of that abseil from the Forth Rail Bridge, which I conquered and absolutely loved.
  • Built around that, I got to spend a few days in Edinburgh appreciating both Gemma's company and some good quality gin and vegetarian grub. 

And then it was back to work for a little while, before ending the month with a week at my parents', spent mostly on their sofa watching Moomins and endless episodes of House.

A bit of a mixed bag, I think it's fair to say, but hey.. there goes yet another month!

A video Christy & Gordon put together from the abseil. 


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  1. Congratulations on the exam pass! And thanks for the shout out. :-)

    1. Thank you! And you're most welcome -- thanks for writing it up!xo

  2. Congratulations on what looks to me like a month with some major accomplishments. Glad you had some fun as well, and are looking after yourself. Xox