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Cat in the Window cafe aberdeen

Aberdeen's cafe and restaurant scene seems (finally!) to have gained a bit of an adventurous spirit of late, with niche little venues springing up all over the place. From a vegan coffee house and a gluten-free restaurant, through to a chocolate-themed bistro and a grilled-cheese shop, businesses seem to be taking more risks and the city appears to be gaining the variety it might once have lacked. I get excited whenever I hear of a new venture springing up and my 'To Visit' list is growing at a faster rate than my bank balance can keep up with!

One such venture particularly captured my attention recently with its very specific selling point..


Pancake - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen

Opened in February of this year, The Cat In The Window Cafe is every feline lovers' dream, bringing the   cat cafe concept to the heart of Aberdeen. First popular in cities like Tokyo, the trend has gradually worked its way across the globe, opening up spaces where crazy cat ladies (or gentlemen) of the world can unite and enjoy their cup of coffee in the company of some cuddly kitties.  

Dreamt up by art graduate Heather Lynch, The Cat In The Window was developed with support from the Princes Trust and a cat-loving crew of crowd-funders via Indiegogo. Heather's huge love for her own feline friends inspired in her an eagerness to create a place where other people (perhaps unable to have a cat of their own) could come to enjoy their company and reap the therapeutic benefits that they bring. In exchange for an entrance fee, customers are allowed an hour's access to the cafe and its resident feline family who they're encouraged to play with, pet and positively pamper!

I received two entrance passes as a "perk" for my Indiegogo donation, so Christy and I decided to put them to use last week, taking mum along for a belated Mother's Day treat (since we used that particular date as a cover story for dad's birthday surprise!).

We arrived ten minutes before our designated time slot, as instructed on booking, and were welcomed in by the team, asked to take off our shoes and talked through the house rules. The welfare of the kitties is of paramount importance and all of the rules are geared towards creating them an environment that's safe and stress-free: where they can interact with us mere humans on their own terms, or retreat through the cat-flap to their own private palace for some food, litter, or a little bit of peace.

Once we were briefed on the rules it was off into the cafe area to get comfy and make some new fluffy friends.

Interior - The Cat In the Window Cafe - Aberdeen

The venue itself is beautiful: open, bright and contemporary; furnished with well-selected pieces for cats and customers alike. The hanging-basket chair, geometric rug and tree-stump tables gave me particular interior envy and it all combines for a space that would be attractive as a cafe in its own right, even - dare I say it - without the cats!

The menu is small, limited to a selection of hot and cold drinks (including teas from Tea Zone) and home-bakes ...but, let's face it, no one's really there for the food! I was impressed to note that they offer dairy-free milk with their drinks, as well as gluten-free and vegan-friendly cakes. I had a tasty piece of pear and walnut cake, washed down nicely with a soy milk latte served in a cute cat-shaped mug with a silicone stopper to seal temptation away from any little tongues.

Cat mugs - The Cat In the Window Cafe - Aberdeen

It's not often that coffee takes second priority for me, but it was certainly true in this case as we spent most of our visit roaming around, meeting, cuddling and photographing the cats. There are (I think) eight kitties in residency right now and they're all gorgeous - every last one.

There's Pancake, the exotic short hair..
Pancake, Exotic short hair - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen

Napoleon - a chinchilla Persian..
Napoleon - Chinchilla persian - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen

Mickey, the lilac and white Scottish fold with straight ears..
Mickey - Scottish fold - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen
Mickey - Scottish fold - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen
Mickey - Scottish fold - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen

Theodore - another fold, this time with the more characteristic ears..
Theodore - Scottish fold - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen
Theo - Scottish fold - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen
Theo and Pancake - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen
Tehe, poor Pancake!

Romeo the Asian, who couldn't be bothered getting out of bed..
Romeo - Asian cat - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen

Boo, a black moggy..
Boo and Drago -  The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen

His pal Drago, an Asian smoke..
Boo - Asian smoke - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen

And a lovely bicolour ragdoll named Zeus, who took himself off for some time out.

As you can probably tell, I loved meeting them all and they seem to have brought out my full-scale crazy cat lady! But really.. Can you blame me?

Mickey - Scottish fold - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen

It's a lovely initiative and I really enjoyed my visit. At £5.50 per person before we've purchased coffee, it isn't somewhere I could afford to go regularly, but it's worth it as a bit of a treat and I'd highly recommend it to anyone in need of cheering up with a spot of pet-therapy!

Hanging out at - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen
Scottish folds - The Cat in the Window Cafe Aberdeen

You can find them at:
 14 Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen, AB10 3NX

(The cafe is limited to 20 guests at a time so it's advisable to book yourself in via the website.
Please also note that house rules don't permit any visitors under the age of 8.)


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  1. ah I need to visit, they are all so adorable! I always tend to stick to union square or Cup but definitely need to branch out

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

    1. Do ittt!
      There are so many great little places around the city if you're happy to venture a little further. FoodStory, Cognito, The Long Dog, Contour, Tea Zone.. And probably lots I've yet to discover! :) xo

  2. I am so excited for my first visit! I keep peeping in the window but I always have Matilda in tow so can't go in. Need to come up with a baby-free plan...

    1. Really hope you can arrange a visit soon. I just know you'll love it!

  3. Oh I heard about this! It sounds like my kind of place.. I LOVE CATS!! If I lived in Aberdeen I wouldn't be able to stay away.