THE CITY // Mixing and Muddling at Revolution, Aberdeen

Revolution Belmont Street Aberdeen

When I think of a chilled out Sunday afternoon I generally picture a walk with the dogs and curling up on the sofa, stuffed full of some kind of roast. Last weekend, though, I was invited along to Revolution to enjoy some chilled out vibes of a very different form.. And when that form promises cocktails, food and the company of my favourite blogger girls, who am I to refuse?!

Mocktails and fizz - Revolution Aberdeen

We headed down to the popular Belmont Street venue on Sunday afternoon to be greeted on arrival with a glass of fizz or a sweet summery mocktail while we caught up with familiar faces and introduced ourselves to new ones. (There are so many local bloggers beginning to reveal themselves and I love that we're becoming a little community of our own!)

Our afternoon was to be split into two parts, including a sampling session of their new summer menu.
But first on the agenda?

Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen

... A cocktail master-class!

Gathered around the bar, our friendly mixologist talked us through the enormous Revolution cocktail list and some of its key ingredients, including their infamous menu of hand-crafted flavoured vodka. With a spectrum of drinks ranging from the classic Cosmopolitan or Whisky Sour through to the cheeky Halle Beri or Absolut Soup - and a mocktail list for the designated driver in the group - there's bound to be something to suit every taste.

Having been handed the tricky task of picking one cocktail each, we took our time consulting the list before being invited behind the bar to put our skills to the test by mixing our own drinks!

Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Aberdeen bloggers Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen

Sarah was brave enough to take to the front first and we all learnt about the use of accurate measures and the importance of ice in any cocktail as we watched her blend a vibrant Bubblegum Daiquiri, with its "sophisticated" flying saucer topping! 

The finished product looked just like one of those slushy drinks I enjoyed as a kid, while Anastasia's Salted Caramel Mudshake - the next to be measured and blitzed - resembled something more akin to a Starbucks frappe.

Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen

With a little help from one of the management team, we worked our way through a dozen bloggers and a dozen different drinks, acquiring skills in mixing, straining, muddling, shaking, decorating and decanting - some of them into a rather tricky choice of cup! 

Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Febgirl - Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Just Julia - Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Igaberry - Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Just Julia - Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
(In order of appearance: Katherine, Joelle, Julia & Iga)

Lots of the drinks looked incredibly appealing and, had I been drinking alcohol that day, I think I'd have been stuck for choice between a Gin n' Juice, Poppin' Espresso Martini, or a Sub-Zero G & T.

Tinybirdheart - Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Teacups and Buttondrops - Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
Thelifeofdee - Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen
(In order of appearance: Karen, Amey & Denise)

Alas, it was straight to the mocktail list and a Strawberry and Coconut Daiquiri for me. 

I waited 'til last when everyone else was distracted by photographing their own drinks rather than paying attention to me (except for Joelle, apparently, whose GIF of me makes me laugh heartily) and managed to shake and strain my mocktail without ending up wearing it, which I think counts as a victory.  

I actually had good fun and the finished product was refreshing and very tasty: proof that the mocktail list isn't so bad after all!

I don't think I'll be taking up bar-tending any time soon though.. They make it look easy. It is not easy!   

Bonnie Blondie - Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen

Ours was a cut-down version of the full cocktail master-class, but it gave us a good snapshot of what Revolution have to offer. With packages available from £25 per person - some with optional food pairing - I can see it being a great way to kick off a hen do or celebrate a special birthday with friends. 

For more information or to book a master-class of your own, checkout their website here.

Cocktail Masterclass - Revolution Aberdeen

25 Belmont Street, Aberdeen


*Disclaimer: Our master-class experience was gifted to us by Revolution Aberdeen. All thoughts, photos and opinions are entirely my own. Thanks to Revolution for hosting us and to Julia for being chief organiser!

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  1. This was such a fun day, I really enjoyed the cocktail making....and the food! It's definitely something that I would do again for a birthday or a Hen night xx

    1. It was so good, wasn't it?!
      Hope to see you again sometime soon xo