PLAYLISTS // Aug - Sept '16

The last couple of months have been a bit strange as far as music goes, in that I don't feel like I've listened to very much. I guess distractions like the wedding and the all-important return of the Bake-Off to TV hold some responsibility, as does the fact that I couldn't make the Ipod work on my trip to Spain and spent a five hour train journey listening to odd instrumental music and mystical Spanish lyrics instead!

I've kind of lost track of the music blogs I usually read and haven't even tuned into Radio 1 recently, so I'm all out of touch with the musical goings-on. Then again, that isn't necessarily a bad thing (though the Youth Worker hidden within me says it is!).

Thankfully, social media and Spotify have come to the rescue instead, notifying me of new releases from some artists I already enjoy. There was the self-titled debut album from Blossoms; 'Red Earth and Pouring Rain' by the brilliant Bear's Den; 'After the Rain' by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, who I'm very excited to see this evening; 'We Move' by the dreamy-voiced James Vincent McMorrow; 'Poets and Saints' - the new folk worship offerings from All Sons and Daughters; 'Kindly Now' - some clever folk rock by Keaton Henson; and the beautiful 'I'm Alone, No You're Not' by sister trio Joseph.

Of course there were some individual tracks that caught my attention too (maybe I listened to more than I thought!). Since I didn't share one last month, here's a little playlist rolling August and September into one..

'Lost Boy' - Ruth B // 'Stand By Me' - Florence + the Machine // 'Cartwheels' - Ward Thomas // 'Colors' - The Head and the Heart // 'The Pugilist' - Keaton Henson // 'To the Sea' - Seafret // 'Celebrate' - Ingrid Michaelson // 'Anywhere' - Passenger // 'Manchester' - Nina Nesbitt // 'Good Summer' - Kate Nash // 'The Chaser' - Twin Atlantic // 'Addict' - Jesse MacCormack // 'Are You Ready?' - Prides // '22 (Over Soon)' - Bon Iver

As always, you can listen to my 2016 playlist in its entirety over here

What have you been listening to? Hit me up with your recommendations below!


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